An amazingly coincidental synchronicity of the Deacon kind

This happened recently…
I went to the local shop for beer…(nothing unusual there), but on exiting shop i saw a figure running from my bicycle, the figure had sellotaped an A4 sheet of paper under my bike crossbar with the simple word ‘DEACON’ on it, bold on both counts.
The Deacon offender turned out to be my brother’s wifes brother (with me?), who works in the Offy next door.
Now I then popped in and congratulated him on a fine prank, closing with a ‘thanks for the deacon’.
And then a strange thing happened.
Luke, the deacon prankster who works at said off-license sent me the following text..
‘Right after you rode off a lad came into the shop and i asked for his I.D and I swear his name was Andrew Deacon!!!’
I am as speechless as the good J.D himself was about this.


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