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Rhodes, June 07. Kind old boy

July 5, 2007

old man from Rhodes


Cottingley Deacons

June 3, 2007

Elsie Wah first stumbled upon the Cottingley Deacons after going to church to light a candle. “They were making a terrible racket, trying to play music with bits of twig and stuff”. A good friend of Elsie’s mother, a man by the name of Arthur Conan Deacon encouraged her and gave her a box browny. In the end it was Elsie’s sister, Ughgmnhna, that did it for Arthur after promising the little Deacons an audience with Blue Peter.Cottingley Deacons

Joey Art

June 1, 2007

Here we can see Joey, expressed in a sudden wheel franchise he doesn’t own. The Earth serves to augment the ungrounded spasm territory juxtaposed by control, denoted by nob controls. Finally we witness his passing through to a new spasmal dementian, that is both unknown and transcendental, Deaconaut.Joey Art

doesn’t matter if you drop them

March 9, 2007


Oh, what a lovely piccy

March 2, 2007

Hallucinogenics can work

You can see that my akbar is functioning well here.